พลังงานและสิ่งแวดล้อม แผนพัฒนา ยุทธศาสตร์การพัฒนาของประเทศ

Thailand’s Fourth Biennial Update Report (BUR4)

The main purposes are to present updated information on the nation’s circumstances, gender equality, institutional arrangement, the national GHGs Inventory between
2000 and 2019, achievement of GHG emission reduction under the overall implementation of NAMA’s measures, and the transition towards the NDC implementation, together with constraints, gaps, and supports needed and received to implement its climate action in adaptation, mitigation, and enabling environment as well as fulfilling its transparency requirement under the Paris Agreement. Furthermore, BUR4 has been updated the Long-Term Low Greenhouse Gas Emission Development Strategy
(LT-LEDS) and the 2nd updated NDC were revised and submitted to UNFCCC by COP27.

The revisions focus on the alignment of mitigation measures and 2050 carbon neutrality and 2065 net-zero GHG emissions, just transition, and optimization of
socio-economic impacts. In the 2nd updated NDC, Thailand elevated the contribution level to 40%, with 30% from our domestic effort and 10% from international support.

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